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Manage Numerous Websites From Single User Account
03/26/2020 03:27:41 AM
03/26/2020 03:27:41 AM
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If you are running multiple websites for an agency or any other business, then you might face that situation whereas you needed to open more than one website meanwhile, and usually, you managed your multiple websites by log in each account. but here is a solution to manage multiple websites without logging in each account, PageWyze website management system is one of them which allows every single user to create and manage their numerous websites, it is a free subscription for new users for a limited time.
The Pagewyze provides an extra-large benefit with the single dashboard which helps to create and manage your website easily, such as team collaboration tool, analytics tool, scheduler tool, SEO optimized tool, note-taking, integration with another tool, and so forth. 
Location: bangalore, Karnataka - India
Contact: James @ 07349754031
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