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How to Apply for Turkey Visa?
11/11/2019 02:05:11 AM
11/11/2019 02:05:26 AM
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Travelers visit Turkey using official Turkey e Visa. e Visa can apply at Turkish Embassy or at the port of immigration checkpoint. After completing the online process applicant will receive the e Visa which is issued within 24 hours.The download link is generated after successful application process and they can download it from the portal directly.
Entry Requirements
1-Travellers stay their maximum 30-90 days, its depend on your nationality.
2-The e-Visa is valid for 180 days from the date of issue.
3-If the information is wrong you are provided then you can apply for a new visa if the information is not same as it is given in the passport. 
Location: Florida, Florida - United State
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