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High RPM Grease
10/14/2019 03:11:44 AM
10/14/2019 03:11:44 AM
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2. Petrelplus Inc. is a well reputed High RPM Grease producer situated at Goregaon, Maharashtra. It produces lubricants and grease for automotive and Industrial plant equipments and outdoor machineries.

Being in the business for around two decades, Petrelplus has come around to producing various types of lubricants and grease including Food Grade Lubricant, Food Grade Grease, Synthetic Lubricants, Synthetic Grease, Food Grade Oil, Synthetic Oil, POE Refrigeration Oil, PAG Gear Oil, PAO Oil, Anti Seize Compound, High Temperature Oil, Silicon Oil, Silicon Grease, PTFE Grease, High RPM Grease, Molybdenum Grease, PFPE & PTPE Grease, Antirust Oil and Spray, and Vacuum Grease.

Petrelplus is widely known for meeting every quality requirement of grease and lubricants using cost and energy saving techniques during production which also leads to superior performance and economical pricing. It always puts its customers first and deals according to their personal needs.
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra - India
Contact: Priya
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