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Hardware and Networking Course in Hyderabad
09/23/2019 11:06:06 PM
09/23/2019 11:06:06 PM
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Sannihitha Technologies provides Computer Hardware and Networking Course in Hyderabad with 100% Job placement and become Computer Networking Engineer. This Course educates the participants with computer hardware parts, Assembling and disassembling of computer. Different sections in Configuration details, Troubleshooting in Hardware and Software installation, faults fixing also Networking of different systems with different operating systems Linux and Windows. Apart from this course Certification support giving to students to get score in examinations.
Comprehensive Course Curriculum emphasizes of Network Configuration, Types of Network and difference between Internet and Extra-net, Network Topology, Networking devices such as NIC,MAC address, Hub, Switch, Router, Modem and Gateways, OSI Model, IP addressing, Classes, Sub netting, Wireless Networking, Sharing Internet Connection, Structured Cabling, Troubleshooting Networking problems wire as well as wireless.
Location: Hyderabad, Indiana > Other areas - India
Contact: Manisha @ 8099754435
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