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09/15/2019 10:57:21 PM
09/15/2019 10:57:21 PM
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Visit: www.temok.com

Email Address: sales@temok.com

Skype: temok.sales

Phone Number: +1 (718) 414 6543

In business since 2014, we’re a cohesive team of developers, technicians, marketing specialists and design professionals. Headquartered in Dubai, UAE with offices in the UK, USA and several other countries, we’re positioned to provide top-quality Cloud Hosting services and value to our fast-growing global clientele of 8000+ and counting. We maintain our own state-of-the-art server networks in top-tier data centers in several countries, including: Sweden, The Netherlands, USA and Luxembourg. Unlike most other hosting providers, Temok own and maintain all of our hardware and network infrastructure. This gives us complete autonomy, allowing us to maintain maximum security and control over our network systems.

Location: Delhi, Delhi & NCR - United States
Contact: Stuart @ 7184146543
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