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Why Buy? Get it on Rent & Save money
10/24/2018 08:43:58 AM
10/24/2018 08:43:58 AM
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There are some items that we buy, use it once and then it is waiting for its turn to be used again. The money spent on buying such items is actually not giving any return. Thus, yBuySell come up with an idea of yBuy? Rent!

It means if you need something temporary or urgently, you don’t need to buy it. Just rent it from someone in your city, use it like it is yours and return it.
You will save on spending something which you won’t use frequently.
All the conversations are private and your contact details are safe. The app is free to download and use and available on major plat stores. For more details, please visit https://ybuysell.com/  
Location: NY, NY - USA
Contact: ybuy
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