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VindalooVoIP - VoIP Dynamic IVR software solution development for businesses
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Enable an awesome IVR experience for your customers

Create a grand customer experience by enabling an intelligent IVR system. A modern customer care routine is not complete without

an IVR system. With mere convenience and greater competence, IVR helps out the customer at any point in time. Today, we see many

institutions including call centers, BPOs, retail services, banking, travel and hospitality, hospitals, entertainment and other

government organizations are making the most of an IVR system as it brings enormous value to their business.

What is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System

IVR is an automated voice that interacts with the caller. It enables both the callers and the IVRs to follow the instructions

and takes appropriate actions. The caller inputs are not only the voice deliveries but also the keypad touch tone selections.

The most popular IVR responses are automated voice when a caller presses the keypad. Other than that, the IVR is capable of

providing us response in the form of fax, email, as well as a call back. IVR is smart enough to identify, classify, and route

the calls to the right recipient. The automated interactions help to save a lot of money and time. A standard IVR system

consists of telephony devices, software applications, database, and the internet.

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