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VoIP Softswitch class 4 & class 5 switch development - VindalooVoIP
08/06/2018 04:00:07 AM
08/06/2018 04:00:07 AM
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When we started off with developing an advanced Softswitch, we did not leave a single stone unturned. We tried to rope in all the advanced features of class 4 and class 5 switch in our product. Undeniably, VSPL works in line with the specifications of next generation Softswitch which boasts of great routing and billing features. With our Softswitch you will experience not only an outstanding billing system but also an intelligent routing system which is widely loved by business owners in telephony services domain. Our Softswitch also gives attention on other features such as call monitoring, DID management, client management, reporting etc.

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