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IVR Services Offered for Debt settlement industry
07/26/2018 10:41:48 PM
07/26/2018 10:41:48 PM
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The cloud-based dialer has given the most essential aspects, namely accuracy with speed, which turns out immensely useful for debt settlement industries. The vital use of this system is to give them a gentle reminder to the debtors for their upcoming payments. The system can also be utilized to update them for more appropriate options to resolve their debts in effortless and trouble-free approach.

- No long term contracts
- 99.9% uptime guarantee (we’re in Arizona – no storms!)
- Scalable to hundreds of logged-in agents
- Dedicated dialing server(s)

Email: danpierson@redcloudinc.net
Phone: 480-444-4105
Location: usa, usa - usa
Contact: redcloud
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