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07/17/2018 11:17:25 PM
07/17/2018 11:17:25 PM
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Once your interactive voice response system captures a caller’s information, then what? With most on-prem or cloud IVR systems, getting that voice data into a usable form is a very labor-intensive process. Transcriptionists must be hired to listen to each recording and manually transcribe each word.

In contrast, an important part of redCloud’s hosted IVR system is our automated IVR transcription service. Take advantage of:

Full customization capabilities – Our experienced IVR developers are available to meet your needs and requirements.
Daily updates – Your IVR recordings are automatically transcribed into an Excel spreadsheet and emailed to you each day and includes the original recording links in the spreadsheet to play back and verify content.

Email: danpierson@redcloudinc.net
Phone: 480-444-4105
Location: usa, usa - usa
Contact: redcloud
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