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Learning Oracle ATG Programming Tutorial | ATG Course
06/25/2018 03:13:37 AM
06/25/2018 03:13:37 AM
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All applications described in this guide run on the Oracle ATG Web Commerce platform (the ATG platform), which is a highly customizable, configurable framework for building and supporting Web sites, particularly sites used for e-commerce. The ATG platform includes several layers.

What are the objectives and learning outcomes of oracle ATG course?

ATG online course is developed to expertise learners in using Oracle ATG E-Commerce and learn all the methods required to reform marketing programs and enable organizations to deliver an online customer experience using ATG. The ATG training curricula incorporate the below concepts:

Nucleus: Organizing JavaBean Components

Developing and Assembling Nucleus-Based Applications

Creating and Using ATG Servlet Beans

Multisite Request Processing

Logging and Data Collection

Managing Access Control

Internationalizing an ATG Web Site

Mindmajix Oracle ATG Online Training explores each topic through the lens of a real-world example application. With plenty of examples, tips, and clear explanations, you’ll master many advanced aspects of ATG.

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