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Best Way To Publish An Ebook, Best Ebook Publishers
04/09/2018 04:30:26 AM
04/09/2018 04:30:26 AM
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3 Picks Of The Month
Literature is something that gives people a new outlook. We are able to dive into a whole another world- a world where the writer takes us. Books have reformed many lives. Reading is a great habit to inculcate. At BookHungama we have always encouraged our readers to try out various genres and keep reading more and more. BookHungama is one of the best ebook reading apps and it also an audiobook app. The app provides easy and free ebook download for androids.
Here are some of picks for this month. Read and enjoy!
1. Cinemanubhav – Rekha Despande
The writer is a film enthusiast. In December 2016 a brilliant International Film Festival called IFFI took place in Goa. Rekha Despande attended it and was spellbound by her experience and the kind of beautiful cinematic pleasure she got to witness. So she wrote an equally beautiful book about her experiences. If you are a movie buff and are in love with watching cinema then this one is for you.
You can buy it here -

2. Priya Mitras – Sashi Bhandare
A friend is a very important part of your life. He is there to console and help in times when nothing seems right. He is there to share the joy at the time when everything falls in place. A friend is the one who not only enjoys with us but also shows us the right path. The writer Sashi Bhandare has written a beautiful poem where she describes her friend. The poem is sort of a letter to her friend.
You got to grab this one.
Here : -

3. Spiritual Upnishad – Swami Shrikrishna Bharti
Spirituality is an experience in itself, an experience that is difficult to express in words, it can only be felt. The writer Swami Shrikrishna Bharti says that this experience can be explained through gestures. Spirituality is not depicted by any science but there are many elements in science that are inclined towards spirituality. If you like to know things about spirituality then this is the book for you
You can buy it here -

Grab your ebooks and enjoy!
At Bookhungama along with reading we also encourage publishing ebooks. We are one of the best ebook publishers and would show you best ways to publish an ebook. Visit our site to know more.
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