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Easter Flowers by Your flower patch. Send Flowers to the Philippines now
03/21/2018 12:04:44 AM
03/21/2018 12:04:44 AM
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Flowers have long been a part of our history. Flowers were not only used as a symbol of love but as a symbol of hope, new beginnings and life. As we celebrate Easter, We at Flower shops in Makati would like to share with you different kinds of flowers, colors, cultures and celebrations performed during Easter.
The most famous of all flowers is the Easter lily. Mostly given as gifts or popularly called as Easter gifts. The Easter lily has shiny, dark green leaves. The leaves are shaped like the head of a lance, or of a narrow oval shape tapering to a point at each end. Some describe it as lanceolate leaves which are around the central stout stem. It has large, fragrant, white trumpet-shaped flowers at top of leafy green stalk.
To help celebrate Easter, some christens have given special meanings to the famous Easter lily. Since Easter Lilies are often white they represent a sign of Purity and Goodness. According to books, this help Christians remember that Jesus was pure and perfect when he died on the Cross.
Not only that, their unique trumpet shaped blossoms symbolize life, purity, hope, and the spiritual meaning of Easter along with the promise of spring.
Lilies are often called the "White-Robed Apostles of Hope". Legend has it, that lilies, sprang from the ground where drops of Jesus' sweat fell to the ground during his final agony. According to others Lilies were discovered in the Garden of Gethsemane after Christ died on the cross. Because of this during the Easter season, catholic churches prepare their altars and decorate their crosses with Easter Lilies. This is to signify the rebirth and resurrection of our lord Jesus Christ and the promise of eternal life.

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