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Different Formats Of Audiobooks
Audiobooks have come a long way. Many people consider them a great form of entertainment and a way to enter into the world of literature. Since these are the recorded versions of books they are of great use to people with poor or no eyesight.
There are various formats of audiobooks some of them are as follows…
1. MP3 (.mp3)
a. You can burn MP3 audiobooks to CDs.
b. MP3 audiobooks are suitable and can be played on various devices.
c. You can download and listen to MP3 audiobooks from suitable apps depending on whichever platform you are using such as Windows, Mac, Chromebook and mobile devices.
d. There are various categories of MP3 audiobooks in iTunes.
2. Windows Media Audio (.WMA)
a. It is basically a file extension used with windows media player.
b. It is a series of audio codecs programmed and formulated by Microsoft.
3. Advanced audio coding (.ACC)
a. This format is supposed to be a successor to the MP3 format.
b. It achieves better sound quality at a bit rate same as MP3
c. .ACC format has been standardised by ISO and ICE
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