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Are you having one or two difficulties from other financial instrument lender? I want you to take a chance with us you will never regret doing business deal with our firm.We have direct and efficient providers.

I am the sole (Direct) mandate to several genuine efficient providers for lease/sales BG/ SBLC and other financial instruments, at reasonable prices, Issuance by top AAA rated Bank in Europe.Issuing Bank: HSBC Bank London, Barclay's bank London,Credit Suisse and Deutsche Bank Frankfurt.Presently, we focus on BG/SBLC for Lease and Sale transactions, However, our Lease BG/SBLC is 6+2% and Sale at 32+2%.

Should you find this interesting and acceptable? Kindly, contact us and we shall review and respond with DOA within 48hrs maximum.

Please request for full procedure details if interested.(WE MOVE FIRST)

For further inquiry contact:

Robert Francis,
Skype: robfrancis7
Location: Manchester, England - United Kingdom
Contact: Robert @ 447031956543
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