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08/01/2020 01:48:50 AM
08/01/2020 01:48:50 AM
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NextaCon is concern about your health and your family by making different different iot products like :

AirTCon which purify your surrounding air.
awareness of air which be breathe
Gives notification of about airquality inside / outside of your home.

WaterTCon which purify and give ph values abt your water.
Asures safe drinking of water .
Drink fresh and healthy water everyday using WatertCon.

LPGiCon which detect gas such as LPG , PNG , CNG .
Gives alert about gas Leakages with buzzer along with app notification
Present any future accident.

SmartiCon makes your busy life an easy life .
Smarticon gives you access to control devices of your home from mobile devices anyworld in the world.
operates in two modes with internet and without internet.

For more details visit : www.nextacon.com 
Location: mumbai, Maharashtra - India
Contact: Abhishek @ 02235900873
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