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Call Center CRM Integration development- VindalooVoIP
09/05/2018 01:11:26 AM
09/05/2018 01:11:26 AM
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A CRM integrated with the Contact Center can have a dramatic impact on your contact center's efficiency. VindalooVoIP Contact Center solution is integrated with leading web based CRM's like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Zoho, Sugar CRM etc.

Call Center CRM integration from VindalooVoIP links CRM data to contact center interactions, giving agents quicker access to customer information when and how they need it. The result is a single integrated agent desktop solution that successfully empowers contact center with the data required to meet today’s growing customer expectations.

With VindalooVoIP embedded into your CRM, you create a powerful combination of telephony and CRM that works better together. Allow your gents to click-to-dial from the CRM desktop. Leverage the power of VindalooVoIP while maximizing your existing investments. Increase agent productivity, enhance the user experience, and give your organization a competitive advantage.

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