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Hosted Call Center Services for Government Agencies - RedCloud
08/14/2018 02:45:12 AM
08/14/2018 02:45:12 AM
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As consumers experience exemplary customer service from private sector businesses, their expectations from the government agency or department that they have to deal with increases as well. With critical services being provided by your government agency, whether it is the form of benefits, social programs or citizen services such as passport processing, it is imperative that the people who require information from you are able to connect to you and get their queries answered.

With facilities for IVR, Automatic Call Distributor, Dialer, Voice Logger, Reporting Engine and more features, our call center technology ensures that citizen interactions are uninterrupted and the right results are generated.

Phone: 480-444-4105
Location: New York city, New York - USA
Contact: Dan
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