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Contact Center Solution India with abundant features
08/08/2018 06:59:57 AM
08/08/2018 06:59:57 AM
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Elisiontec is one of the best contact center solution providers. The company has developed advanced call center software, namely, Dialshree. The call center solution comes with many features to empower your call centers.
Value added features of contact center solution:

• Easy to install, quick start and easy maintenance.
• 24X7 Online Support from Aria Customer Help Desk
• No Server or PRI line or Capex required for installation
• Agent’s personal number will be exposed to clients.
• Includes all professional Call center features
• Agent can login from any where
• Enables work from home facility.
• User just need Phone, Computer & internet to start calling

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Location: Charlotte, NC - USA
Contact: Elision
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