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Reliable, Flexible, Secure Hosted IVR services
07/30/2018 04:16:18 AM
07/30/2018 04:16:18 AM
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Cloud IVR gives you the freedom to automate and control your most critical customer touch point or business processes over the phone without having to manage complex telephony infrastructure.

RedCloud’s hosted IVR platform and development tools power a range of voice applications that improve the customer experience. These tools give you control over your self-service strategy and the flexibility to automate complex customer interactions with ease.

Featuring both PCI-DSS level 1 and HIPAA compliance, our cloud platform is optimized to securely handle sensitive financial or medical information.

- 100% Uptime
- Security
- Disaster Recovery
- Scalability

Phone: 480-444-4105
Location: New York city, New York - USA
Contact: Dan
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