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VoIP Mobile Dialer Development - VindalooVoIP
07/25/2018 03:15:16 AM
07/25/2018 03:15:16 AM
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The perfect mix of VoIP and mobile technology facilitated a super advanced communication platform to the world. The mobile SIP dialer has literally revolutionized global

communication today. Whether it is intended for a business connection or for personal needs, this technology can enable an uninterrupted communication channel with crystal clear

voice quality. The mobile SIP dialer utilizes SIP to initiate and manage the calls. This becomes remarkably cost effective to the users as it is based on VoIP technology.

Our Features
- Mobile phone book integration
- White labelling and customization
- Quick registration and call connection
- Calling card support

Email: info@vindaloovoip.com
Phone: +91 81 4057 4252
Location: usa, usa - usa
Contact: vindaloovoip
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