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Hosted Dynamic IVR Services
07/10/2018 11:35:55 PM
07/10/2018 11:35:55 PM
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This hosted IVR eliminates all of the costs (both time and money!) associated with purchasing and maintaining an in-house IVR solution. Plus, while most on-site interactive voice response systems are based on outdated technology, redCloud’s state-of-the-art IVR system:

- Scalable system – That can also handle sudden volume surges.
- Timed greetings & menus – Providing the response flexibility you need
- Inbound and outbound survey capabilities – Including the ability to automatically call clinical trial participants who have not called in by a certain time of day.
- Automated transcriptions – That decrease costs and increase accuracy. Click here to learn more.
- World Class Text to Speech and Voice Recognition

Phone: 480-444-4105
Location: New York city, New York - USA
Contact: Dan
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