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SBC Solution development To Securify VoIP Gateway - VindalooVoIP
07/05/2018 03:43:35 AM
07/05/2018 03:43:35 AM
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VindalooVoIP offers cost-efficient SBC development services with well-integrated network and business management features with high capacity and high performance servers. SBC solution enables carriers to integrate flexibly with vendors and new customers to intensify the revenue opportunities and operational excellence. It offers robust security features that prevent users from resource damage. Its built-in firewall protects users from vulnerable DDOS/DOS attacks.

Key Features of SBC Software Solution:

-Topology and Carrier hiding

-Protocol validation

-Flexible SIP header manipulation

-Carrier tech prefix insertion / removal

-Codec transcoding

Phone: +91 81 4057 4252 
Location: usa, usa - usa
Contact: vindaloovoip
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