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Best Landline Texting Service for Hotels
05/18/2017 09:13:28 AM
05/18/2017 09:13:28 AM
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Text My Main Number is landline texting service provider from the USA. They offer best landline texting service for hotels and

restaurants to utilize SMS solution. This solution can be used y hotel in many ways.

Key utilities of Landline messaging solution for Hotel & Restaurant:
- Send greeting on booking or placing an order
- Send reminder
- Send details of hotel amenities, tariff
- Allow guests to place request via SMS
- Allow guests to give feedback, review and ratings
- Allow staff to maintain work life balance by keeping personal and professional messages separate
- And more

We offer 30 days free trial with unlimited system access. To learn more about SMS to landline solution for hotels and restaurants,

please visit
To get free trial, drop an email to 
Location: New York, NY, NY - USA
Contact: Gabor
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