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Increase productivity of your staff with Text My Main Number
12/05/2016 09:26:42 AM
12/05/2016 09:26:42 AM
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Text My Main Number is a landline messaging solution. It will enable your landline number for 2-way communication for sending

anreceiving SMS and MMS. By enabling your landline to send and receive message you will empower your staff with many benefits such as:
- Keep their personal and professional messages separate
- Take benefit of Auto reply feature to give prompt answer of each received message
- Use user friendly GUI user panel to manage messages receive/send to customers
- Create reports to track the communication made with customers
- Create groups to segment customers for segmented communication
- Keeping them available to work on their core competency rather than juggling with work and customer calls

There are many more benefits your staff can leverage to improve their productivity while you make Text My Main Number an intuitive

part of your business.
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Location: New York, NY, NY - USA
Contact: Gabor
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