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EPS Cement Sandwich Panels Specification
12/25/2019 03:29:18 AM
12/25/2019 03:29:18 AM
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1.EPS cement sandwich panel is fire proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, waterproof, windproof, anti-impact, anti-seismic.

2.EPS cement sandwich panel is light weight, energy saving, space saving, eco-friendly, weathering resistance, good resistance to freezing, thawing and ageing.

3.EPS cement sandwich panel is strong and durable, long life span. It has great load bearing & hanging force for TV, air conditioner, panel board, splitter box, cabinet, closet, etc.

4.EPS cement sandwich panel is easy installation, fast construction, easy decoration, easy pre-bury for water pipe, electric wire, concealed wire, switch, etc. 
Location: New Yord, NY - USA
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