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Perfect space to live Park suites Holland New Developed Residential Condominium Showflat are availab
04/14/2017 11:19:00 PM
04/14/2017 11:19:00 PM
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Looking for a new space to stay_ Or a New Condominium to live_ Look or more! Because Parksuites @ Holland is the best answered place you have always
prayed for.The right place you have been hoping and the perfect home you are going to live in. where everything needed is just easily to reach.
Parksuites Holland is a New Developed Residential Condominium. Perfectly located at Hospital Road, in District 10, Singapore. The right place with a
perfect location. It composed of a few storey building high,compromises a few numbers of Residential Unit. Offers you a comfortable space that is suitable
the elegancy of your taste! This is future residual are able to deal the good cost of living they have been always wishing.Able to feel the freshness of
the air from the nature of environment, able to smell the good scent from the outdoor, able to watch out the beautiful view of the surrounding with the
lively color full of green Future occupants has the chance to grab the oppourtunity to live luxuriously!Because… its spaciously lay –out, have a high
ceiling, fit-in with best fittings and finishes,built-in with high standard appliances and set- up with first class quality of furniture. It gives you
a chance to beneficialize the indoor benefits of Fitness Gym. Where you can sweat out yourself and maintain in your sexiness. A beautiful shaped
swimming pool to dip down and feel the coldness of the water. Ciub house and Playground where you can bring out your childrens to have fun and
gain new friends. It is also surrounded with reachable amenities and facilities such as: Educational Institutions, Medical Institutes, Food
center, Parks ,Malls and More… Wanted to know more about Visit this link- 
Location: Dhaka , Mirpur - Bangladesh
Contact: Taposi
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