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88 Suites @ Phnom Penh
02/18/2017 08:56:07 PM
02/18/2017 08:56:07 PM
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Financing is available; the programmer using a 60% small business loan, payable in approximately 15 years with no security required. Meanwhile, the repayment timetable is based on building progression, so you just spend for exactly what currently physically exists.

With just 88 SoHo collections in total, the 88 Suites facility uses privacy as well as exclusivity, located in the beating heart of Phnom Penh city along Mao Tse Tung Blvd. Suites range from 50 to 465 square meters, all with high ceilings, as well as could be uniquely designed and also tailored to each as well as every purchaser's needs as well as preferences.

Top quality is the column of the designer's viewpoint, combining contemporary layout with state-of-the-art electronics as well as fixtures. All hygienic ware products are from popular brand Villeroy & Boch; & Boch; German quality bathroom and kitchen faucets from GROHE; as well as the Intelligent Automated Car Park system is assured to save you time, space as well as use an extremely safe and secure and personal car park for all homeowners.

This requirement of top quality guarantees a durable worth for 88 Suites financiers, whether you prepare to live or working from 88 Suites long right into the future, or market you asset down the line.

See 88 Suites @ Phnom Penh or call hotline +65 6100 8806 to obtain more info. 
Location: Phnom Penh, Kandal - Cambodia
Contact: Gabriel
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