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The top role that regional companies play
01/03/2017 05:37:25 AM
01/03/2017 05:37:25 AM
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Regional centres have a strong role in land scarce Singapore. Since land is so rare, metropolis is fairly built up and there is a purpose for prominent places outside the location area (CBD and Orchard Road), that jump out amid other provincial locations.

Without well placed or prominent regional organisations, Singapore's landscape may be a fairly dense cement jungle in the central. Successfully built regional companies can help to redistribute monetary activity in dominant, vibrant major localities in the suburbs.

The successes of regional centres will also help to entice people to rent or buy properties in that area or region, such that they will consistently distribute the population via home-buying interest and renting demand. In the nineties (or even till 2010) and before, it was mainly Tampines as key regional centre, while Jurong East and Woodlands were sleepy and fairly without life.

Another a key point to note is that Singapore's CBD or central area adopts a very peculiar land use model. Looking at the CENTRAL BUSINESS DISTRICT itself, it is almost totally quiet as the working crowd leaves the commercial buildings after working hours on weekdays and on weekends. For the most part, there are only a few residential blocks or property projects there but which seem to be to give news to the area during these times.

There exists hence a strong rationale to increase develop the suburban areas around the idea of lifestyle corridors including the circumstance of Punggol's Waterway Living, also to continually rejuvenate or develop key regional zones. Hence this can be a nice amount to have three local centres, any more away from this number is actually a good-to-have.

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