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Coastline Residences at Amber
05/25/2020 08:40:21 AM
05/25/2020 08:43:19 AM
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Coastline Residences is definitely an special development by SL Capital that is redefining elegant and luxurious living in the Eastern side. The architecture of Coastline Residences gets direct inspiration coming from the surrounding blue waters. Combining the poetic fluidity of the sea with the Modernistsí view on formal geometry and lightness, the actual result is really a beautifully crafted sanctuary that transforms depending on your vantage point.

For residents who take pleasure in the great outdoors, with the 185-hectare East Coast Park and 15km of scenic shoreline so nearby, these people will be able to find every reason hitting the ground running and cycling or indulging within their favourite water sport. 
Location: Singapore, Singapore - Singapore
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