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Real Estate Apps For Realtors - RealtyX
01/25/2020 02:38:21 AM
01/25/2020 02:38:21 AM
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Repeople by RealtyX is one of the most modern yet well-established real estate app in India that allows real estate developers to securely communicate & monitor all their transactions with their customers. Real estate developers can customize a set of tracking items & keep their client well informed about their entire transaction process. They can easily track when a particular transaction was made, the transaction status, payment method & sales channel used for a selected transaction.

Features of this Real Estate App:

1. Society Management
2. Project Management
3. Lead Management
4. Referral Management
5. Grievance Management
6. User Management
7. Hyperlocal Management
8. ERP Management
9. Parking Management
10. Facility Management
11. Bill Management
12. Security Management
13. Staff Management 
Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra - India
Contact: rahul
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