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Kismis Residences is one of the newest development are available for you!
12/14/2017 04:43:38 AM
12/14/2017 04:43:38 AM
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Kismis Residences is one of the newest development that will take your breath away. The " Go-green Go-Sun " mentality that has started to grow on the peopl;e living
in Singapore is deeply emphasized within this building. Each unit has a great amount of light reaching it and will offer sp,e pf tje ,pst exquisite views, especially
for the people living in a higher filoor.
Kismis Residences is waiting for you with a series of facilities that include a suna tennis courts, squash courts and a swimming pool for the people who love having
sporting facilities just inside the building they are living in the 24- hour security details will also offer you the sense of someone having your back day and night
without having to worry about how your place is if you are leaving town for a few day of weeks, this facility being perfect for the people who have to travel a lot.
Kismis Residences has an address that will make your days easier with all the facilities insde the building, but also the amenities surrounding the area, the cheng
soon Playground is within a few minutes drive if you want to spend some time with your children in the vicinity of your hose, whereas, on the opporsite corner,
if you feel the need of doing some sports on the oppositecorner, if you feel the need of doing some sports on your own , the Eng kong place Fitness corner
os the sports center waiting for you, One can also enjoy long walks in the middle of the nature on eng kong park, or King Albert park afterwards or ,
just across the srreet, in the Eng Kong park, or King Albert park afterwards or, just across the street in the Eng Knog garden playground.
If you are looking forward to having a family bukit timah Primary school is just one street away as well, along with methodist Girls school,
Nanyang Girls High school, National Junior cillege, or the Anglo-Chinese school.
Kismis Residences also gives you the opprtunitty of being close to the greatest shoppong malls in the area, such as the Bukit Timah Plaza or the Beauty world,
Plaza, Giving you the opportunity of having all your errands done in a short manner f time. It does not matter if we are talking about window shopping.
lookingfor presents for birthdays of Christmas, or Simply wnting not to cook some of the days, in just 10 minuts all your problems are going to be solved, 
Location: Dhaka , Mirpur - Bangladesh
Contact: Taposi
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