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About seventh universal is an Exclusive Property listing (classified) portal to serve entire Rayalaseema Region (Chittoor, Kadapa, Kurnool and Anantapur Districts in Andhra Pradesh).
Searching south India real estate properties Choose Verified properties with owners contact numbers and full details about property. Covering Commercial and Residential apartments homes lands and more. offer Owners to rent / lease their properties for Tenants.
Properties for sale in tirupati gaining a high market because of its popularity and development. This place have an easy accessibility to medical intuitions, hospitals etc., which has added credits to this place. To view plots in tirupati, visit Online real estate is a process in which owners list their properties with quoted price on online platforms such as yahoo, Facebook etc. Get ready to look for a plot in Tirupati is a major place where you can find gated communities, and places, apartments which can bring huge revenues. Tirupati will be a place for for investors looking for a good investment. Visit us in

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Location: Tirupati, AP - India
Contact: Narendra @ 7569451511
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