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Latest model Antimicrobial Face Mask
06/16/2020 07:50:47 PM
06/16/2020 07:50:47 PM
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Latest Antimicrobial poly fabric face mask has two layers. It protects you from any microorganism and can be used comfortably. No sensitivity to any skin. You can keep in your pocket or purse. The lightweight nose and mouth mask can easily be breathed. No need to cut out your facial for using the mask. It will found with a reasonable price for any of samiller product. Stylist face mask made by the USA.
Washable Face Mask
Antimicrobial Cloth
Disposable Face Cover
Comfortable Fit
Antimicrobial fabric
Suitable for any Skin
No Sensitivity
Easy to hygienically clean
Size available
Reusable Face Mask
USA Technology

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