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Artificial Intelligence Training in Chennai
08/17/2019 03:02:11 AM
08/17/2019 03:02:11 AM
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We all know what is meant by “information” and what is meant by “artificial”; however, add them to "artificial intelligence" and we will be confused, afraid or even laughing. The phrase "artificial intelligence" may not convey the same bells to everyone. One form of artificial intelligence is called machine-learning that should be hitting with everyone's bells. Learning machines is changing our lives faster than most of the opinion; In particular, it is changing trade.

Engine switching is a radical change in how computers think. "Before you learn a machine, we taught computers how to do things with computer programs that explained, step by step, what the computer should do. These limited computers do not emulate human thinking unless we understand step by step how For example, we understand how we do arithmetic and algebra, because this is a conscious idea, but on the other hand we have no idea how to keep a face or balance when we run through a field. open, since this is a non-conscious idea, before learning a machine, computers could not carry out conscious thinking tasks, as these were the ones we knew how to register, computers had reached unconscious thinking tasks. because they could not be registered. 
Location: Chennai, Tamil Nadu - India
Contact: dharshan
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