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Best Workday Online Training | Workday HCM Online Training
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Rainbow training institute workday online training is designed for those who are looking to make their career as a workday consultant. Workday has better career opportunities and best salary packages in the market now.we have well-experienced trainers for both Workday HCM Online and Workday HCM classroom training in Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, Bangalore, USA.we also provide self-paced videos for online classes.

Workday HCM training has better career opportunities and best salary packages in the market now. Workday HCM was introduced to unite a wide range of HR functionally into a single system. Human capital management (HCM) advice towards the employee as assets, whose current and future value can be measured and enhanced through investment.

Workday is used in human resources, time tracking, payroll, and financial requirements, of organizations. Many Universities are using Workday because of the flexibility the system provides, low cost of purchase, focus on providing the functionality to higher learning, and the collaborative nature of the functional design process.

Rainbow training institute Provides Workday Online Training. Rainbow having best expert trainers to give workday certification training and trainer will provide workday practical training in Hyderabad. Rainbow offers workday HCM best Online course from Hyderabad, Job oriented workday HCM Online Classes from Hyderabad, Pune, Noida, Bangalore USA.


Learn about the terminology and functionalities of the workday suite.

Configure the application to meet all identified requirements.

Learn about various staffing models.

Understand the fundamentals of the Workday

Understanding of Document design specifications.

investigate test errors by assessing end-user training or system configuration design.

How to implement the workday best practices.

Master core concepts and navigations of Workday HCM suite.

Learn terminologies, business processes, and functionalities involved in Workday Suite.


1 ERP Overview and Workday Overview
2 HCM Fundamentals
3 Core Concepts and Navigation Basics
4 Organization in Workday
a)supervisory Organization
b)other different types of Organization
5 Staffing Models
a) Staffing Models
b) Hiring Restriction
c) Activity
6 job and positions
a) creating and configuring the position
7 Overview of Workday Compensation
a) Comp rules
b)Comp Grade and Grade profile
c)Comp Package
8 High Worker
9 Overview of Workday Configurable Security
a)Domain Security
b)Business Process Security
10 Overview of the Business Process Framework
11 Staffing Transactions
12 Event Management
a)Cancer,Correction and Rescind
13 Self Service
14 Custom Fields
15 Custom Reporting
a)Report types
b)Creating Reports
c)Report Tabs
e) Activity

Final Tenant Configuration Exam on all concepts covered

Workday Integration Training Topics:

Integration Architecture Overview

1) Report writer Overview
a)Report Type
b)Creating Reports
c) Report Tab
e) Activity
2) Calculated Fields
a)Data Functions
b)True/False Conditions
c)Currency Conversion
d)Evaluate Expressions
e)String and Numeric Functions
f)Object Functions
3)Core Connector
b)core connector:Worker
c)Integrartion system
d)Integration services
e)Integration Attributes/Overrides
f)sequences Generator
g)Transaction Log
h)Business Processes
i)Change Detection
4)Document Transformation(DT)
a) XXT
b) ETV
c) Activity
5)Enterprise Integration Builders(EIB)
a) Activity
6) Inbound Integration Overview
a) Activity
7) Security Notification and Scheduling of Integration
Final Integration Exam on all CCW and EIB
Course Audiences
a) Fresher's Graduate any stream, who wants to lunch their Workday HCM career
b)Hr Professionals
c)Talent Management Professionals
d) Any ERP Hr Experts( like Oracle ERP, People Soft, SAP)
What is staffing Model in Workday?
Staffing Model is one of the basic component in Workday, before implementing we have to be ready with the staffing Models that has to be defined for a Supervisory Organization.
A Staffing Model determines how jobs are defined and filled in that particular Sup Organization.
A staffing model provide control over the staffing.
A staffing model Supports Staffing goals.

In Workday there are two staffing models as of now.
1. Job Management.
2. Position Management.
6. What is Position Management Staffing Model in Workday?
Position management allows for the tracking of unfilled, filled, closed and frozen positions. In order to hire an employee into Workday, an available, unfilled position must first exist. It is important to remember that a position exists in Workday independent of a worker.
In order to hire an employee in Workday or in order to add an additional job to a current employee, there must be an unfilled position available in the supervisory organization in which you will hire. The position must be assigned the appropriate attributes (location, time type, job family, employee type, etc.) that will eventually be part of the job details once an employee is moved in to the position. Create a position if there is not an available position in your supervisory organization or edit the position restrictions of an existing unfilled position.
Example: Like an reserved compartment in a Train.

7. Can I create multiple positions at once?
Yes, Workday allows you to create multiple positions at once. When creating the position, the Number of Positions field should be populated with the number of positions you need to create. Note that all positions created using this method will be assigned the same attributes. When multiple positions are created at once, the positions become independent objects in Workday once approved. For example, if you create 5 of the same position, once approved, you will see 5 new, unfilled positions in your supervisory organizationís Staffing tab. The positions will all have the same name, but will have a number after the name to differentiate the positions from each other.

8. What is Job Management Staffing Model in Workday?
It doesnít set particular breaking points on the quantity of jobs that can be filled.
Provides minimum control over individual positions.
No limit point on number of occupations that can be filled.
Does not require as much maintenance.
Example: Like an unreserved compartment in a Train.

Faculty Experience on Workday online training in Hyderabad.

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