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Best Education & Career Development Centre in Delhi-NCR
09/16/2017 03:51:33 AM
09/16/2017 03:51:33 AM
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ReviewAdda is an education centred site offering concise admission counselling to students after secondary education or graduation.
Modelled around the motto of trust and accountability, ReviewAdda strives to demystify the noise around college admissions in India and provide sound counselling to students. Digital media in this day and age is slowly losing accountability due to the disconcerting trend of adopting an advertising based revenue model.
To defy this trend and provide students counselling by circumventing the middlemen, ReviewAdda provides unfiltered and unbiased opinions and reviews to any student who might seek it. In time, students across India will turn to ReviewAdda for anything coming from the education sector. 
Location: Noida, Uttar Pradesh - India
Contact: dhvaj
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