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ETL Testing Online Training with Informatica Basics
04/20/2017 03:57:53 AM
04/20/2017 03:57:53 AM
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ETL Testing Introduction
ETL is the short form of Extract, Transform and Load, in the field of data warehousing. It is primarily defined as data extraction from various applications. Furthermore, various vendors support it. Moreover, the services are operated on various technologies. It is further used for transforming data from staging tables. With the help of ETL Testing Training, the aspirants will get to learn about the underlying information, which influences business decisions, and working on its efficacy level. The main aim of this course module is to deliver repeatable, complete and auditable test coverage value, of the entire ETL procedure. There are various significant course modules available, for fulfilling dreams of various aspiring students.
ETL Testing Training Overview :
With the help of ETL Testing Online Training, you are going to uncover data losses along with some transformation errors. The course modules are designed to help you learn more about output inaccuracies along with data integrity issues. It can further help in balancing table mismatches followed by application upgrade errors, too.
This course module helps in targeting data completeness, which cover null records, truncations, boundary cases and special cases, as well. It further helps in validating fields, records and full contents. It further helps you to Learn ETL and verifies for record counts, checksum and analyzing some forms of data rejections.
Curriculum of this course:
With the help of ETL Testing Tools courses, you have to learn more about the authentic services, relating to this category. From transformation rules to performance, regression to scalability and even system integration, everything must be incorporated in the course modules. Some of the course modules are:
Highlights of this course:
Whenever you are willing to join Software Testing Training, you might have to learn about the highlights of this course. Why will you waste our time and money for their services, when you have so many other variations to look for? Well, through this course, you will:
Come to learn about the current ETL testing concepts
Furthermore, students will come to know more about the waterfall model and model services
Agile mobile and mythology is another significant point of focus from your side after joining with these course modules
Get to learn about white box testing and 3 testing methodologies
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