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Organic Fertilizer Company-best fertilizer company in bihar
02/01/2019 11:08:29 PM
02/01/2019 11:08:29 PM
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We are Manufacturers and Repackers of 100% Natural & Organic Fertilizers from different extracts of Trees, Herbs and Naturally available Minerals.
Our main organic fertilizer products are:
The Bijamiya is 100% natural and organic combination, which is specially designed to treat seed treatment and plant roots. Which is Used for planting seeds and plants or used before planting of the plants.
2.Dr. Som
Dr. Som is 100% Natural & Organic Composition For Som Fertility This powerful composition Made from Different Extracts of Trees, Naturally Available Minerals for Soil Application only It Can Applied at any time or Stage of any kind of Plants & Crops.
3.Dr. Som(V.I.P)
Dr. Som(V.I.P) is 100% Natural & Organic Composition. Four in one solution for all crops, plant and trees. Powerful composition made from different of trees & organic product of Nature.
Soluble 100% Natural Containing Oleic Acid, Linoleic Acid, Methyl Esters, Azadirachtin Extracts from Natural & Organic Resources Available from Nature & Combination of Natural Volatile Oil. 
Location: Gurgaon, haryana - India
Contact: naveen @ 7827385636
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