Part time copy paste job Earn Daily Rs, 300/- ~ Air Planes ~ Automotive Classified Ads
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70 Passenger Vehicles NEW
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Part time copy paste job Earn Daily Rs, 300/-
10/20/2017 02:18:57 PM
10/20/2017 02:18:57 PM
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BPO JOB - Semi Non Voice Process, Nature of work - Just Listen to the recorded call click one of the option and earn for every click. Just you have to click one of the given options . Payment Cycle: Weekly Direct Bank Account. Minimum Payout - 5 Calls OR 5 Click - 1$ Maximum Payout - 85 Calls OR 85 Click - 1$. Every week 100% Payment Guarantee, Start Earning from the Day One.
Join PMS for part time jobs. Now offering - Simple Copy paste JOB, Copy paste work is just Copy the given data and paste it into Classifieds websites and submit, your ad is placed.
Check the demo video
For Further details contact IMRAN on 8088776777 OR
Location: Bangalore, Other - India
Contact: imsahare @ 8088776777
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